PANDORA Cosmic Stars Ring 190915CZ sales 398911TV

PANDORA Cosmic Stars Ring 190915CZ sales 398911TV

Pandora Cosmic Stars Ring 190915CZ


Richard Wallace and followed by other likeminded programmers cheap pandora charms online (AIML free software community). ("Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity") AIML tag set was released under GNU General Public License (GPL). Most of AIML interpreters are open source programs. This is a basic AIML coding instructable. You do not need any AIML editor or AIML file creator or even AIML parser chatbot editor. We will simply used Notepad. That's it, you see it right, Windows Notepad!Even if you do not want to make an AIML file, you can still use the basic AIML coding tutorial which you can find in this instructable. You can save it as XML for integrating into a Javascript based or Flash based website with AIML interpreter.There are other application programs that extended the capability of Windows Notepad such as NoteTab, Crimson Editor, VIM, Boxer Software Text Editor, Rogsoft Notepad+, ProNotepad, Notepad++, Notepad 2, Metapad, NoteXpad 2.0, etc.But in this instructable I pandora beads store locator simply used the Window XP notepad. Beware, Notepad programming can either make or break you.This seemingly innocent application can do things that are really astounding and to some will find them shocking and alarming as shown by the following: format your computer's HDD, lock a folder, make a digital diary, create a cycle message, shut down your computer, "hack" the administrator account, toggle caps lock button, continually pop out your computer's CD drive, hit Enter or Backspace simultaneously, automatic keyboard typing, open Notepad continually, change text header and footer, print tree root (directory or location of file), access CMD, write virus programs, play sound, flood files, create hidden text file, make a matrix falling text effect, program chat codes (VBS), make your computer talk, make your own autorun for your CD and DVD, open and close CD ROM, increase Internet speed, add your photo in computer properties, test your anti virus software (active or non active), add shutdown option in right click, make a timer, etc.You see Notepad is not just a simple text editor as many thought it to be. You can make different types of files (not just only TXT) by means of Notepad with the following extension names: HTM, HTML, XHTML, XML, WML, CSS, JS, BAT, pandora charms pandora VBS, EXE, PHP, etc. It is so amazing, isn't it?PERIANDER A. ESPLANASince AIML is an XML specification, like HTML and XHTML, it always includes less than () signs which are also called angle brackets. Between these two signs is an element that pandora jewelry cheap indicates the type of command which an AIML interpreter will follow. Collectively, this is called an AIML tag which has two kinds: an opening or start tag and a closing or end tag. The end tag contained always a forward slash (/) at the beginning of an element. The UTF 8 in the encoding will be used in saving the file instead of ANSI, UNICODE, etc.Step 3: Type the Parent AIML Tags.The parent tag which indicates that it is an AIML file is followed by the category tag.

It must be put inside the two parent tags. As you can see, it is so easy. If you asked a chatbot, it will simply look for a pattern of each category and if it finds a match (ignoring the case of the contained text in the pattern) it will immediately respond based on the template of that category and thus simulating a normal conversation.

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