PANDORA Rose Gold Forever Love Ring 180837 clearance T1c00262

PANDORA Rose Gold Forever Love Ring 180837 clearance T1c00262

Pandora Rose Gold Forever Love Ring 180837

based Alarm Clock As a college student I don't get enough sleep, my bed is warm andcomfy, andI don't like getting out of it in the mornings.

I typically as I'm sure many of you do as well set an alarm (or two) on my phone and on a regular, plugs into the wall alarm clock to get up in the morning. I don't like having to do that. The sounds are annoying, and can be easily silenced which lets me go back to sleep and be late for classes. This instructable is a documentation of how I set up my computer to wake me, on a veryprogrammableschedule, by playing music and ensures that I am awake. All 3 scripts are included as text files in the last step. Note: I'm not going to explain anything more than the bare basics of the commands I used. I am assuming you have a basic familiarity with linux, and/or know how to use google. Step 1: Background and PlanningBackground I have a netbook and a large (17" behemoth) laptop. Both dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and pandora charms usa Windows 7 Home Premium. As my netbook travels with me everyday the laptop is essentially a desktop, complete with second monitor, and external mouse and keyboard. What I also saw was that many people were scheduling a media player to begin a playlist of files on their computer. I didn't think I'd be able to pick just a handful of songs that I'd want to wake up to every day, and I didn't want to install any new pandora charm watch bracelet programs or fiddle with settings of pre existing ones. There had to be another way. An easier way. Since I mostly pandora charm bracelets for women use Pandora for music listening, and remembered the "gnome open" command, I decided on Pandora. I didn't copy this from kwrogers, I am kwrogers. OK, now on to the part you actually wanted to read. Show All Items NOTE: Since I've already done all of this, I've reproduced the steps within /bin to provide images. Open terminal and navigate to a place you'd like to keep the scripts. I created a new directory called bin: $ mkdir bin Once there, create and edit a new file using whichever is yourpreferredediting program. I typically use gedit, but nano or any other program could work (and since these recreated steps are done via ssh, I'll be using nano). First we create "pandora_alarm" to launch the pandora silver charm bracelet alarm, later we will create "cancel_alarm" and another script to launch them both. $ gedit pandora_alarm My plan for this alarm was to do a number of things. First I set the master volume to 40%: amixer sset 'Master' 40% Then I wanted it to gradually increase in volume. To get the script to pause, use "sleep" and a time frame. sleep 90s This pauses the script for 90 seconds. It also works with m (minutes) and h (hours). Then to increase the volume slightly we could either set a new, specific volume, or simply increase it relative to what it was at.

I chose to increase it. amixer q sset 'Master' 10%+ This increases the volume 10%. I repeated the sleep/amixer command a few times and then just set the volume to 90% after a few minutes to make me get up for sure.

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